Curriculum Vitae



2019-              Assistant Professor, 

Department of Mass Communication

Towson University (Towson, MD)

2018-2019     Program Coordinator,  

2017-2019     Assistant Professor,  

Communication and Media Studies Program

Reinhardt University (Waleska, GA)

2016-2017  Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Department of Communication and Media Research

University of Fribourg (Fribourg, Switzerland)

2014-2016       Assistant Professor,

Department of Public Relations and Information

Kadir Has University (Istanbul, Turkey)

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2014    Ph.D., International Relations, American University (Washington, DC)

Field Concentrations: International Communication, Comparative and Regional Studies

Dissertation Title: Making New Friends? Relational Public Diplomacy as a Foreign Policy Instrument

Dissertation Co-supervisors: Dr. Craig Hayden and Dr. R.S. Zaharna

2010    MA, Communication Management, Emerson College (Boston, MA)

Foreign Fulbright Scholar

Thesis Title: Controlling the Message: A Strategic Approach to Nation Branding

2008    BSc, International Relations, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey)

Study Abroad (Erasmus Exchange): University of Wroclaw (Poland)

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  • Political communication
    • Public diplomacy
    • Place/nation branding
    • Strategic communication
    • Propaganda and persuasion
    • Campaign management
    • Public affairs
  • Media studies
    • Mass media effects
    • New media
    • Social networks
    • Digital diplomacy
  • Public Relations
    • Strategic writing
    • PR campaigns
    • Advertising and marketing communication
    • Transmedia storytelling
  • Research methods
    • Social network analysis
    • Semantic network analysis
    • Content analysis and CAQDAS
    • Text-mining
    • Data visualization

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2019-           Assistant Professor, Towson University, Towson, MD, USA

  • Co-edited a book on city diplomacy.
  • Secured internal funding for an agent-based modeling approach to Baltimore’s city brand communication.
  • Designed a research project on predictive network analysis of digital diplomacy projects.

2017-2019  Assistant Professor, Reinhardt University, Waleska, Georgia, USA

  • Designed and executed a research project on city branding and tourism.
  • Submitted an external grant proposal for a multi-country comparative strategic communication project.
  • Established relations with local businesses to create internship opportunities.
  • Supervised eleven capstone projects on transmedia storytelling.
  • Delivered courses on strategic writing, public relations, and research methods.

2016-2017  Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Led a research project that investigated the digital diplomacy ecology and its impacts on international relations with Prof. Diana Ingenhoff and her team at the University of Fribourg.
  • Hosted a day-long workshop on social network analysis for doctoral students and faculty members.
  • Initiated a research project to help SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) choose their service scouts based on their objectives and individuals’ Twitter presence.

2014-2016       Assistant Professor, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Worked on a research project about diplomatic processes in digital media.
  • Published a book chapter on the role of local governments in place branding.
  • Conducted research on Turkish foreign policy and international development aid.
  • Drafted a book proposal based on dissertation research.
  • Supervised research assistants and graduate students.

2013 (Fall)      Visiting Research, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Worked on the “Social media ecology and place branding” research project.
  • Attended the 3rd International Place Branding Conference.

2011-2012       Research Assistant, American University, Washington, DC

  • Initiated meta literature review project on public diplomacy.
  • Gathered data from online archives.
  • Designed a research project on semiotics of place branding.

 2010-2011       Assistant Director & Doctoral Research Fellow, COTELCO, Washington, DC,

  • Supervised the daily operations at the research center.
  • Ensured communication among geographically distributed team members.
  • Coordinated two research teams working on decision-making, technology, culture, and advocacy networks.
  • Analyzed data using CAQDAS and text-mining software.
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research on perceived policy power, and the impacts of culture on decision-making processes within the context of global virtual teams.

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Towson University

Assistant professor, teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels

  • Undergraduate courses:     
    • Social Media and Strategic Communication (MCOM 333)
    • Public Relations Writing (MCOM 357)
    • Research Methods (MCOM 390)
  • Graduate courses:     
    • Quantitative Research Methods (MCOM 631)
    • Social Media and Content Creation (MCOM 640)

Reinhardt University           

Assistant professor, teaching at undergraduate level, advising student organizations, coordinating the student newspaper

  • Undergraduate courses:     
    • Communicating Effectively (COM108)
    • Research Methods (COM230)
    • Organizational Communication (COM305)
    • Public Relations (COM311)
    • Strategic Writing (COM340)
    • Media Law and Ethics (COM370)
    • Transmedia Storytelling (COM490)

Kadir Has University           

Assistant professor, designed three new courses, taught at graduate and undergraduate levels, supervised undergraduate senior projects and graduate theses

  • Graduate courses:    
    • Research methods (SBE501)
    • Issue management in corporate communication (CPR501)
  • Undergraduate courses:  
    • Public relations and lobbying (PR319)
    • Political communication and campaign management (PR404)
    • Introduction to public diplomacy (PR213)
    • Nation branding and public relations (CF322)
    • Applied public relations research (PR304)
    • Communication and media (CF101)

 American University            

Worked as a teaching assistant for one semester, as an adjunct faculty for four summer semesters

  • Teaching assistant:  
    • World politics (SIS105)
    • Global perspectives on public diplomacy (SIS243) – Hybrid
    • Qualitative methods and methodology (SIS680) – Hybrid
  • Adjunct faculty:       
    • Global public health (SIS101x) – Hybrid
    • Engineering and environmental sustainability (SIS101x) – Hybrid

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2020 – present           Journal of Public Diplomacy, Associate Editor

2019 – present           Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, Editorial Board Member & Social Media Editor

2019 – 2020               ISA, International Communication Division, Section Chair

2018 – 2019                ISA, International Communication Division, Section Program Chair

2017 – 2018                ISA, International Communication Division, Section Program Vice-Chair

2016 – 2021               ISA, International Communication Division, Executive Committee Member


Towson University

2020 – present           MCOM Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Chair

2020 – present           COFAC Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Member

2019 – present           MCOM Curriculum Committee, Member

2019 – 2021                MCOM Events Planning Committee, Member


Reinhardt University

2018 – 2019                Communication and Media Studies Program, Program Coordinator

2018 – 2019                Institutional Review Board (IRB), Member

2018 – 2019                Faculty Senate, Secretary

2017 – 2019                Goizueta Scholarship Steering Committee, Member

2017 – 2019                Sharp Scholarship, Interviewer

2017 – 2019                Academic advising for Strategic Communication Majors

2017 – 2019                The Eagle Eye (Student Newspaper), Co-advisor

2017 – 2019                Lambda Pi Eta (Honor Society), Advisor

2017 – 2018                Search Committee, Dean of School of Business, Member

Kadir Has University

2014 – 2016    University Promotion Committee, Member

2015 – 2016    University Committee on Accessibility, Member

2015 – 2016    Academic Advising for sophomore students

American University

2011 – 2013    Institutional Review Board (IRB), Member

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Refereed journal articles

Wu, D. & Sevin, E. (2023). Signal Cost in Digital Diplomacy: A Study of American and Chinese Public Outreach. Hague Journal of Diplomacy. Online-first.

Wu, D. & Sevin, E. (2022). Neither External nor Multilateral States’ Digital Diplomacy During Covid-19. Journal of Public Diplomacy. 2(1), 69-96.

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Sevin, E. (2010). See for Yourself: Rebranding Northern Baja through public diplomacy. Exchange: The Journal of Public Diplomacy Inaugural Issue, pp. 33-40.

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Sevin, E. & Amiri, S (eds). (2020). City Diplomacy Current Trends and Future Prospects. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Sevin, E. (2017). Public Diplomacy and the Implementation of Foreign Policy in the US, Sweden and Turkey. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Sevin, E. (2010). Controlling the Message: A Strategic Approach to Nation Branding. LAP Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

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Book Chapters and Other Publications 

Ayhan, K. J., & Sevin, E. (2022). Moving public diplomacy research forward: Methodological approaches. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, online first.

Sevin, E. (2022). Nation branding and the country-of-origin effect. In K. Dinnie, Nation branding: concepts, issues, practice (Third edition, pp. 74–75).

Ayhan, K. J. & Sevin, E. (2022). Evaluation. In ASEF (Ed.), ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook 2022. ASEF.

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Sevin, E. (2021). Kaefer, F. (2021). Insider’s guide to place branding: Shaping the identity and reputation of cities, regions and countries. Springer. $64.99 (paperback). Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, online first.

Ayhan, K. J., & Sevin, E. (2021). Non-Coercive Influence in World Politics: Intersection with State Inclusive Index. In J. Park (Ed.), Developing State Inclusiveness Index: Conceptualization and Measurement (pp. 327–341). National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Sevin, E. (2010). From visitors to cultural ambassadors: Public diplomacy and scholar exchange programs. In Business Research Yearbook 2010. Presented at the 22nd Annual Convention of International Academy of Business Disciplines, Las Vegas, NV, pp. 578 – 585.

Sevin, E. (2010). Two of the same?: Crisis communication attempts in AF447 and TK1951. In Business Research Yearbook 2010. Presented at the 22nd Annual Convention of International Academy of Business Disciplines, Las Vegas, NV, pp. 769 – 777.

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Invited Talks

2022    Public Diplomacy in Other Worlds. Roundtable participant, 2022 Annual International Conference for Public Diplomacy, the Korean Association of Public Diplomacy, Virtual (November 18)

2020    Moving away from collaboration? Digital soft power clashes in Covid-19 responses. Paper presented American University, School of International Service, Doctoral Colloquium, Virtual (March 3).

2020    Representing International Studies Association’s International Communication Section. Roundtable participant in “Bridging the IR and Communication Science Gap in the Field of Public Diplomacy”. ICA 2020 Conference, Virtual Conference due to COVID-19 Pandemic (May 12)

2018    A Measure of Reputation: “Power” of a Passport (co-authored with S.Cevik). ISA 2018 Conference, San Francisco, CA (April 4-7).

2017    Theory and Practice of Place Branding. Guest Speaker at 2nd Consumer Research Summit, Bangor University, Bangor, Gwynedd, UK (June 20).

2016    Evaluation and Measurement in Public Diplomacy. Roundtable participant in “Soft Power and Public Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific: Emerging models and Trends”, Griffith Asia Institute, Brisbane, Australia (May 17-18).

2016    Public Diplomacy and Soft Power. Instructor in “Foreign Policy Academy”, organized by Turkish Council on International Relations, Abant, Turkey (February 26).

2016    Public Diplomacy in Academia and Practice. Panelist in “New Public Diplomacy: Regional and Global Perspectives on Engaging with Publics”, organized by Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Turkey (January 8).

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Paper Presentations

2022    Role of Cities in Soft Power Debates. 2022 Annual International Conference for Public Diplomacy, the Korean Association of Public Diplomacy, Virtual (November 17-18)

2022    Urbanization in Pop Culture: An Analysis of Visual Representations of Downtowns. 6th International Place Branding Association Conference, Aix-En-Provence, France (October 12-14).

2022    Telling a City’s Story: Networked Communication in Baltimore’s City Branding. ICA 2022 Conference, Hybrid/Virtual (May 26-30).

2022    Digital Soft Power Clashes: A Study of Messaging During COVID-19. (Co-authored with D.Wu).  ICA 2022 Conference, Hybrid/Virtual (May 26-30).

2022    Digital Communication during Covid-19: Collaboration or Cooperation. (Co-authored with D.Wu). ISA 2022 Conference, Hybrid/Virtual. (March 28-April 2).

2021    Charm City in Our Imagination: A Dynamic Approach to City Branding Communication. 5th International Place Branding Association Conference, Hybrid/Virtual (December 8-10).

2021    Protests, Frames, Perceptions. ICA 2022 Conference, Virtual (May 27-31)

2021    Capturing the Imagined Reality: Studying Country Images through the Case of Korea. (Co-authored with K. Ayhan). ISA 2021 Conference, Virtual (April 6-9).

2020    Public Diplomacy in the Age of Influencers: Social Networks in the Case of South Korea (Co-authored with K. Ayhan & D. Ingenhoff). NCA 2020 Conference, Virtual (November 19-22).

2020    Analyzing Country Images through Network Formation: Case of South Korea (Co-authored with K. Ayhan & D. Ingenhoff). ISA 2020 Conference, Honolulu, HI (March 25-28, Conference canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic).

2019    Non-State Public Diplomacy: Cities as Soft Power Assets. ISA 2019 Conference, Toronto, Canada (March 27-30).

2018    A Measure of Reputation: “Power” of a Passport (co-authored with S.Cevik). ISA 2018 Conference, San Francisco, CA (April 4-7).

2017    Overcoming the Measurement Challenge: Nation Branding Messages on Social Media. ICA 2017 Conference, San Diego, CA (May 25-29).

2017    Your Home or a Brand Asset: The Internationalization of Cityscapes and Social Life. ISA 2017 Conference, Baltimore, MD (February 22-25).

2016    Traditional Meets Digital: Diplomatic Processes on Social Media. ISA 2016 Conference, Atlanta, GA (March 16-19).

2015    Mystic or Familiar: The Portrayal of Asia in Turkish Tourism Industry. Seoul National University-Hokkaido University Joint Symposium, Seoul, South Korea (November 27).

2015    Globetrotters and brands: Understanding contemporary cities. Integrating City Tourism(s) in the Urban Research Agenda, L’Aquila, Italy (June 15-16).

2015    Towards A Networked Brand Culture: An Examination Of Stockholm’s Brand On Twitter (co-authored with A. Lucarelli). 3rd Place Management & Branding Conference, Poznan, Poland (May 6-8).

2015    Whose Violence: Frame Analysis of International Newspapers. 4th International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society, Istanbul, Turkey (April 7-8).

2015    Development and Promotion: Development Assistance as a Public Diplomacy Instrument in Turkey (co-authored with B.Hawks). USC Public Diplomacy & Development Communications Workshop, Los Angeles, CA (February 27-28).

2015    Understanding Soft Power Through Public Diplomacy. ISA 2015 Conference, New Orleans, LA (February 18-21).

2015    Tool or Fad? The Conceptualization of Public Diplomacy In Turkish Foreign Policy. ISA 2015 Conference, New Orleans, LA (February 18-21)

2014    When Branding Meets Foreign Affairs: Branded Spaces and Places in IR (co-authored with C. Hayden). ISA 2014 Conference, Toronto, Canada. (March 26-29).

2014    Turkish Public Diplomacy in a Time of Flux. ISA 2014 Conference, Toronto, Canada. (March 26-29).

2013    Is All Diplomacy Public? A Conceptual Analysis of Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy. ISA-NE 2013 Conference, Providence, RI (November 8-9).

2013    A New China: Portrayal of Chinese Cities in International Arena (co-authored with E. Bjorner). 2nd Place Branding Symposium, Beijing, China (October 23-25).

2013    #askwenato: Analyzing NATO’s Place in the New Social Media Ecology. ISA 2013 Conference, San Francisco, CA (April 3-6).

2013    Using Twitter as a Communication Tool in Destination Marketing and Place Branding. 3rd International Place Branding Conference, Manchester, UK (February 13-16).

2013    Competition in International Relations: Political Impacts of Place Branding. 3rd International Place Branding Conference, Manchester, UK (February 13-16).

2012    Define-Visualize-Measure: Using Network Analysis in Place Branding. Special Edition of the International Place Branding Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands (January 20-21).

2011    Who Hears Government’s Voice? Study of Government Public Diplomacy Spending on Public Perception. NCA 97th Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA (November 16-20).

2011 Share Your Türksperience (co-authored with G.White). 2nd Place Branding Conference, Bogota, Colombia (January 20-22).

2010    Altering the discourse of conflict in Cyprus: Recognition and resolution through public diplomacy. 9th METU Conference, Guzelyurt, TRNC (May 20-22).

2010    Two of the Same?: Crisis communication attempts in AF447 and TK1951. IABD 22nd Annual Convention, Las Vegas, NV (April 8-10).

2010    From visitors to cultural ambassadors: Public diplomacy and scholar exchange programs. IABD 22nd Annual Convention, Las Vegas, NV (April 8-10).

2010    (November, 2009) Controlling the Message: A Strategic Approach to Nation Branding Processes (co-authored with G.Payne, C.Hayden, and R.Nelson). NCA 95th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL (November 14-17).

2009    More Than a Touristic Visit: Scholar Exchanges as a Communication Method in Public Diplomacy. IABD 21st Annual Conference, St.Louis, MO (April 2-4).

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2021    Towson University, Faculty Development and Research Council Grant

2019    Academy of Korean Studies, Academic Research Grant

2019    Reinhardt University, Faculty Research and Scholarship Award

2019    Reinhardt University, Faculty Development Grant

2018    Reinhardt University, Faculty Development Grant

2017    ISA, International Communication Division, Best Paper Award

2016    University of Fribourg, Post-Doctoral Research Grant

2015    ISA, Travel Grant

2014    ISA, Travel Grant

2014    ISA Northeast, Travel Grant

2013    Milton Wolf Seminar, Emerging Scholar Fellow

2013    American University Vice-Provost Doctoral Research Grant

2013    Stockholm University, Visiting Doctoral Researcher Grant

2011    American University Graduate Research Grant

2011    Greenberg Professional Development Grant

2010    American University School of International Service Dean’s Fellowship Award (2010-4)

2010    IABD Global Communication Award

2009    Emerson College Professional Development Grant

2008    Emerson College Graduate Assistantship Grant (2008-10)

2008    Foreign Fulbright Scholar (2008-10)

2008    Middle East Technical University, High Honor Roll

2005    Erasmus Exchange Program Grant

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