Call for Chapters: Book Project on Internationalization of Cities

I will be co-editing a book, tentatively entitled From Branding to Diplomacy: Cities in the International Arena,  with Sohaela Amiri of Pardee RAND Graduate School on the internationalization of cities.

One of the areas I wanted to expand on as part of my research on  cities and communication  has been how cities – our homes – have been spending time and resources to be active in the ‘outside’ world. Let that be through city diplomacy or city diplomacy, our hometowns now have new identities. We are looking for chapters that investigates these new identities, the new roles and functions undertaking by cities, and the ways to study them.

Below, you can find a more formal call (or download the call in PDF format here).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Deadline for abstract submission is November 1st.

Call for Chapter Proposals

Tentative Title: From Branding to Diplomacy: Cities in the International Arena

Book Co-editors:

Efe Sevin (Reinhardt University, Waleska, GA)

Sohaela Amiri (Pardee RAND Graduate School, Santa Monica, CA)


  • Proposal Submission Deadline: November 1st, 2018
  • Notification of Acceptance:November 16th, 2018
  • Submission Date:February 15th, 2019
  • Revisions Due:May 1st, 2019



From climate change to security, cities have been playing an active role in brokering international agreements. Recently, scholarly attention has started to focus on the diplomatic functions of cities. This nascent field of study positions cities as legitimate actors in the world scene. With this volume, we aim to present a more inclusive explanation of the role of cities in this new arena by bringing together studies highlighting how cities interact not only with each but with other actors, including their own state governments, other states, and non-governmental organizations.


Building on the existing studies in the field, we position this book as a way to launch into a larger discussion on cities and their role in international relations. We invite contributions that focus on the role of cities as actors in the international arena. We are looking for three broad approaches to city diplomacy: (1) theoretical approaches to the study of city diplomacy, (2) new methods and methodologies in city diplomacy, and (3) case studies.  We are particularly interested in studies that highlight the negotiation processes between different levels of governance, such as city administrations and nation states, international organizations and non-state actors. The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Global governance and the role of cities
  • International policies tackled by cities
  • City-Nation states conflicts
  • City diplomacy and soft power
  • International city networks
  • Organizational structures for city diplomacy
  • City image and branding
  • Tourism and city diplomacy


Proposals should be submitted to both editors via e-mail ( Proposals should include a title and an abstract of no more than 500 words, along with author name(s) and bio sketches of no more than 200 words. Abstracts should include information about proposed topic and methodology, as well as expected findings and number of tables/figures.

All invited manuscripts will go through double-blind review process, and if needed, editors might ask the authors in the project to review one or two papers submitted for this volume.

Each chapter is expected to be around 6,000-8,000 words (including footnotes, endnotes, references, and tables).

Note about publisher

The editors have been working with a major publisher which has expressed initial interest in the project however publication is contingent upon approval of the book proposal with contributor names and abstracts.


November 1st– Deadline for Abstract Submission

November 15th– Notification of Acceptance

February 15th – Full manuscripts due for review

March 15th– Revisions are due



Informal inquiries about the project can be directed to either editor (Efe Sevin:, Sohaela Amiri:



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