My book on Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy

My book, Public Diplomacy and the Implementation of Foreign Policy in the US, Sweden and Turkey, is finally out! Here is the link from the publisher and


The cover image portrays “networks” and “relational public diplomacy”


The book is a revised version of my dissertation manuscript. I shortened the “boring” methodological and theoretical discussions, updated the case studies to include developments that took place since 2014, and introduced three policy-relevant chapters.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1 The Need for Communication                                                                                
  • Chapter 2 Public Diplomacy: The New Foreign Policy ‘Tool’                                               
  • Chapter 3 Six Pathways of Connection: A Theoretical Framework                                      
  • Chapter 4 The Pioneer of Public Diplomacy: United States of America                                 
  • Chapter 5 Collaboration and Public Diplomacy: Sweden                                                       
  • Chapter 6 History and Culture: Turkey                                                                       
  • Chapter 7 Six Pathways of Connection: A Practical Roadmap                                               
  • Chapter 8 Conclusion: Connecting Foreign Policy and Communication                            

Here is the back cover information:

This book presents a comprehensive framework, the six pathways of connection, which explains the impact of public diplomacy on foreign policy by studying how a public diplomacy project is designed to contribute to the achievement of a related foreign policy goal. Based on a comparative study of three important public diplomacy practitioners with distinctive challenges and approaches–the US, Sweden, and Turkey–the book shows the necessity to move beyond soft power to appreciate the role of public diplomacy in global politics. First, the author lays the theoretical foundations of the framework through a survey of scholarly works related to public diplomacy. He then further develops it by analyzing how the American, Swedish, and Turkish practitioners design and implement their public diplomacy projects. Finally, the book explains how the framework can be used to design new public diplomacy projects and measure their impact on foreign policy.

“Public diplomacy works, but how? In a lively, engaging and informative style, Sevin traces six pathways of connections to show how a well-designed PD project can help advance a country’s foreign policy goals and national interests. A valuable read on comparative PD for students and practitioners.”

—R.S. Zaharna, Professor, School of Communication, American University, USA

“Efe Sevin’s comparative study of public diplomacy is both timely and insightful. While public diplomacy is seen by governments around the world as central to 21st century statecraft, it remains remarkably lumpen in its theoretical development and application. Especially productive is Sevin’s seamless weaving of theory and practice, making substantive and discerning contributions to both the episteme of public diplomacy practice, as well as a framework for future research. This is a must read for international communication scholars and students alike.”

—Shawn Powers, Executive Director, Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, US Department of State

“Efe Sevin provides a valuable and salient comparative study of European (Sweden, Turkey) and US public diplomacy practices that will prove vital for scholars as well as practitioners. His approach shows that for public diplomacy, understood also as a policy tool influencing foreign policy, it is crucial to take the political environment into consideration, especially in times when nationalists and populism are on the rise. These challenges can only be addressed by moving beyond disciplinary boundaries.”

—Diana Ingenhoff, Professor of Organizational Communication at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Efe Sevin is Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. His main areas of research lie in the intersection of political science and communication. He is primarily interested in the political impacts of communication practices, as well as impacts of politics on communication practices. His current research focuses on the role of nation brands and public diplomacy on achieving foreign policy objectives. Dr. Sevin received his Ph.D. from American University’s School of International Service, Washington, DC, USA


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