After a long long silence

A few seconds ago, when I was trying to login, I realized that I forgot my wordpress user name and password! I have been neglecting this blog for so long.

Nothing has really changed in my research or academic interests. I will be presenting my thesis proposal in National Communication Association’s 95th Annual Convention in Chicago. I have around a month to prepare. Hopefully, it will be more than enough and will be able to present my thoughts clearly.

As part of my job as a graduate assistant, I started working on an undergraduate seminar on Public Diplomacy at Emerson College. As I am an incredible blogger, I will be contributing to the seminar blog as well. I hope the students will be more productive than me. The in-class discussions are incredibly vivid and lively. If we can manage to carry those discussion to the Web 2.0 platform, the blog will be an invaluable resource on public diplomacy.

This is all I have to tell right now. This week sometime, I will write on Web communication technologies and its impacts on nation branding.

PS: I believe I will finally get to meet Nancy Snow! I was in Public Diplomacy class last week, discussing one of Dr. Snow’s articles, when I got an e-mail notification saying that Nancy Snow was following me on twitter. First, I thought it was a bot but then I got an e-mail from Dr. Snow, herself! If nothing goes wrong, she will be a guest lecturer in our Public Diplomacy class at Emerson College.


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