Meeting in 10 hours…

I have a meeting in less than ten hours with my thesis committee. I am expected to present my thesis proposal in an academic way! Here is a blog-friendly version:
Thesis Outline
My proposed title is -for now- A Strategic Approach to Nation Branding Process . I know it sounds dull, I still need to find a catchy expression to add. I am working on it. My main objective is to apply the strategic planning and managerial processes of the business world to nation branding. In this aspect, a government is no different than a global for profit business organization.

Simply speaking, I propose to have three main parts in my thesis:

1-Definition: This part will include theoretical discussions over branding and nation branding. I will try to further evaluate and elaborate these terms and to find out what/who are the main players in this process.

2-Tools to Improve: So, how can one improve a brand’s nation? Three important tools are public diplomacy, traditional diplomacy and international advertising campaigns of the countries. And then we have two key players: Media and Foreign elements. One can have a perfect strategy and control over the three important tools but it is not possible to control media and foreign elements (i.e. negative comments by other states, international organizations).

3-Strategic Planning: This is the main part of my thesis. We know what NB is and what tools can be used to improve it. So, let’s get down to the business. Let’s write a business plan! This part will discuss how – if possible, of course – one can create a strategic planning process for nation branding.
This is it for now! Wish me luck!


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